Villa Vari

  • TEAM

    Alexandros Spentzaris, Giorgos Chatzopoulos

  • Type



    Andreas Spiliopoulos


    Dimitris Politis

  • AREA

    750 m2

  • YEAR


The house is located in Vari, Attica at the foot of Ymittos. The surrounding area is lightly populated. A combination of typical apartment buildings and small suburb homes defines a vague environment characterized by varying densities and building heights. In this incoherent context, we focused on the creation of a subtle introverted prism.
The house is conceived as a solid yet excavated box which is complemented by the protected backyard garden on the east side of the plot.
All of the collective functions of the house are articulated on the ground level; the living room, the kitchen, and the space for reading and playing are concentrated under a common roof. In this singular enclosing space, the roof heights differentiate consecutively reminiscing the interior of a cave. Flowing movement towards the backyard garden offers horizontal and vertical spatial continuity.
A small patio is formed at the roof of the house turning towards the sky. A dining table is dedicated to those Sundays when the family gathers and spends time together.